'Glass Factory II' series from the 'Ghana Freedom' (2019) exhibition. Image Credit: Selasi Awusi Sosu


Selasi Awusi Sosu: S.I.L.I.C.A

“S.I.L.I.C.A” is a video with loud sound that gives an overview of the vibrant hustling and bustling Ghana capturing myriad daily activities happening concurrently as the country strives towards development.


S.I.L.I.C.A 1 is an image of a left handed market woman specialized in selling salted meat at work cutting meat.

S.I.L.I.C.A 2 is an image of a man specialized in sharpening cutting tools with his cutting machine sharpening a cutlass and giving of sparks.

S.I.L.I.C.A 3 is an image of a young shoe vendor cleaning his displayed wares on a busy market day at Mankessim.

S.I.L.I.C.A 4 is an image of basic students out on break in Winneba.

S.I.L.I.C.A 5 is an image of a mason undoing his work.

S.I.L.I.C.A 6 is an image of a mason taking down a concrete block.

S.I.L.I.C.A 7 is an image of “galamseyers”/illegal miners (men and women) at work in Ghana.

S.I.L.I.C.A 8 is an image of a group of “galamseyers”/illegal miners with a man pouring dug out earth into a locally manufactured earth washing machine for mining gold.

S.I.L.I.C.A 9 is an image of a man pulling a truck in a busy crowded market with some women carrying head loads.

S.I.L.I.C.A 10 is an image of street hawkers eking out a living under dangerous conditions.

S.I.L.I.C.A 11 is an image of young street hawker precariously chasing after a buyer in a moving vehicle.

S.I.L.I.C.A 12 is an image of the sea-shore showing the sea as it is while life goes on.

S.I.L.I.C.A 13 is an image of a man and a woman taking a walk along the beach.

S.I.L.I.C.A 14 is an image of young scrap dealers pulling their trucks in search for scrap in the principal street of Accra.

S.I.L.I.C.A 15 is an image of police pick-up truck moving in traffic.

S.I.L.I.C.A 16 is an image of man and women doing business in the street of Accra.

S.I.L.I.C.A 17 is an image of a young man presenting a can spray polish to passengers in a vehicle in a traffic jam.

S.I.L.I.C.A 18 is an image of motor bikers at a cross road in Adabraka Accra.

S.I.L.I.C.A 19 is an image of vehicle headlights in a traffic jam at Winneba roundabout.

S.I.L.I.C.A 20 is an aerial view of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church and its surrounding communities in Winneba.


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