Ernst Wagner


"World Maps" are an unusual but also an attractive and above all an important topic for art lessons - especially in view of the challenges relevant today, which are all global: Populism and identitarian tendencies; global, transcultural influences; migration; trade or environmental destruction are worldwide phenomena. They shape our ideas of the world and we shape the world with our ideas. That world maps are part of this is perhaps surprising at first, since we often consider them to be objective or true and without alternative, but obviously there are differences.




 Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 2020, Nov 8. "Utopia of the South"


After all, (world) maps are (also) images, as they show content in a visual form. When comparing different world maps, it quickly becomes clear that there is obviously no "correct" or "objective" representation of the content. Rather, they convey their specific message and represent certain ways of looking at the world, worldviews, ideologies. The PDF (in German only) delivers suggestions how to teach the issue of "world maps - world pictures" in art education.


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This material was developed in the context of implementing the [Global Learning Framework], developed by Engagement Global. Supported by the Bavarian Ministry for Education.