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Photo: Yvon Ngassam



Yves Xavier NDOUNDA NDONGO is a Cameroonian artist and curator. He obtained, in 2006, a certificate in fine arts at the Institut de Formation Artistique of Mbalmayo. For two years he studied at the University of Yaoundé I in Fine Arts and Art History. Then he studied marketing at the Siantou University Institute (Yaoundé) where he graduated in 2013. Finally, in 2016, he graduated in education sciences at the Normal School of Teachers of General Bilingual Education in Yaoundé. In 2019, he created the digital magazine Critiques d’Arts. Critiques d’Arts counts today seven publications. In 2020, he is one of the laureates of the Madrassa 2020 museum and curatorial program in Morocco organized by L’Atelier de L’Observatoire. In 2021. He is the curator of the multisite retrospective of the visual artist Salifou Lindou Fouanta. With Francine Abada, they create ARTOPIA, a project which aims to promote the visual arts in Cameroon through publishing, exhibitions and other services. He has been interested in the critical analysis and decolonized reflection of the creations in Cameroon. His second center of interest is a wish that art becomes more of a concrete solution that participates in solving societal, environmental, educational or economic problems.


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