m saako


Mahmoud Malik Saako is a principal curator and archaeologist at the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board. He holds a master of philosophy degree in archaeology and a bachelor of arts degree in the study of religions and archaeology from the University of Ghana respectively. His research focuses on the Lobi and Dagaaba in the northwestern part of Ghana. He is also researching Ghana's rock art in northern Ghana and part of the Volta Region along the escarpment that divided Ghana and Togo.


Mr. Malik Saako participated in several archaeological research with different researchers both local and foreign as well as exhibitions and exhibition brochure development on the terracotta figurines from northern Ghana. In 2018, he was among the presenters and discussants on the museum conversations symposium organized by the Goethe-Institut at the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board. In the same year, he was among the few discussants at the Exeter Museum in the UK on the topic "Representation of Africa in European museums" organized by Al-Qasim Institute of Islam and Arabic studies, University of Exeter. He was also participating in the museumlab 2021 programme organized by museums in Germany. He was attached to the Museum Fünf Kontinente in Munich. He has also participated in several conferences both local and international on various topics in archaeology, ethnography, and art. He has eight academic publications to his credit. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate, Department of Anthropology and Archaeology, University of South Africa (UNISA) focusing on the "Archaeology of Islam and its architecture in northern Ghana".


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