M5K-Display «Women»  meets  «Dolls from Vale do Jequitinhonha»


M5K dolls 1


The existing display case titled "Women" acutely lacks representations of contemporary art. The considerable age of the works is highlighted by a thick layer of dust that covers the contents of the case. Now one of the statues is removed. What remains is an obvious emptiness. This effect is reinforced by the fact that a "trace" of the removed statue remains. Instead, a large sculpture from the Vale do Jequitinhonha is placed outside the display case. It is mighty, imposing, and inevitably attracts the visitors’ attention. The display case, which is outdated and "unfinished", as it neglects a large part of South American art history, is thus clearly placed in contrast with a representation of contemporary art. 


M5K dolls 3

 Intervention by Lara Bretzinger


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