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Rootedness – Resourcefulness – Resistance

EVC Summer School, 29 July - 5 August 2022, Kassel Germany


EVC's Summer School 2022 is organized by the University of Augsburg, bringing art educators, artists, art historians and image theorists from three different continents together - within the framework of documenta fifteen. Fifty participants colaborate on formats, content and methods at the intersections of education, art, visual cultures and cultural policy. The respective content concerns the principles of documenta fifteen, questioning the 'Western' understanding of art, culture and education. In curating one of the world's most important exhibition of contemporary art, the artistic direction by the Indonesian collective ruangrupa consciously and programmatically draws on the cultural traditions, understandings and epistemologies of the Global South. In this way, the role of art education in our societies is redefined outside of rehearsed thought routines and with regard to global change. This context is of utmost interest to EVC.

EVC's Summer School is prepared by all EVC partners in regional teams to structure their contribution. The teams met for a workshop in Nairobi in April 2022 to exchange their experiences and to coordinate their efforts (Link).


Saturday 30/07/22 - See a report in the news section: Link

Kassel city tour focussing on past documenta exhibition sights and art works in the public space

Tour to documenta fifteen: art works in the public space

Lecture: History of documenta (Johannes Kirschenmann)


Sunday 31/07/22 - See a report in the news section: Link

Topic 1: Methodologies - Understanding the visual world between interpretation and translation

Theoretical introduction and chairing of the panel: Odoch Pido


  1. Patrique deGraft-Yankson (Ghana): Traditional symbols as social practice (Link)
  2. Ebenezer Acquah (Ghana): Unpacking visual narratives from students’ pictorial images (Link)
  3. Nobumasa Kiyonaga (Japan): 1001 Ways to Teach Seeing – An international comparative study (Japan, SA, Germany) (Link)

Discussion and wrap up


Topic 2: Artistic / creative responses to socio-economic dynamics

Theoretical introduction and chairing the panel: Avitha Sooful


  1. Mary Claire Kidenda, Esther Kute (Kenya) Hans Binder-Knott, Regina Kushtanova (Germany): Sharing ressources - a board game (Link)
  2. Mary Claire Kidenda, Emman Kianga (Kenya): Hawker 101 - a video game (Link)
  3. Netshia Shonisane, Theophilus Mensah, Esther Kute, Juste Constant Onana Amougui, Christian Kabuss (South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Germany): Narratives of the Anthropocene. Transmedia Storytelling (Link)
  4. Osuanyi Quaicoo Essel (Ghana): STEAM (Link)

Discussion and wrap up


Launch of the Collective Memory Catalogue



  1. Avitha Sooful (South Africa): The Waste Claimer Project - methods used to gain new knowledge (Link)
  2. Anja Schönau (Germany): Reflecting, provoking, transforming: Artistic methods and approaches to sustainable consumption as a global responsibility and field of social action (Link)


Monday 01/08/22 - See a report in the news section: Link

Topic 3: Collective spheres and community building

Theoretical introduction and chairing the panel: Ernst Wagner


  1. Osuanyi Quaicoo Essel (Ghana): Perspectives on art works in the public space (Link)
  2. Paul-Henri Souvenir Assako Assako (Cameroon): Trajectories of relationships to art (Link)
  3. Markus Schlee (Germany): Confrontation of artistic ways to deal with the theme “collective memories” in higher Art Education (Link)

Discussion and wrap up


Topic 4: Towards transcultural and collaborative learning/teaching: Practice examples

Theoretical introduction and chairing the panel: Patrique deGraft-Yankson


  1. Isadora Canela, Lis Haddad, Thais Machado (Brazil): Re-interpreting an ethnological museum in Germany together with students from Augsburg University (Link)
  2. Katharina Linsel (Germany): My Image, Your Image - in cooperation with Zhang Ming, China) (Link)

  3. Opening of the virtual exhibition 'Seven4Fifteen'

Discussion and wrap up


Exhibition ‘Beyond Waste’ curated by Avitha Sooful and colleagues


Tuesday & Wednesday 02 & 03/08/22 - See a report in the news section, 02/08/22: Link 03/08/22: Link

Two days of exploring documenta fifteen


Thursday 04/08/22 - See a report in the news section: Link

Topic 5: Towards transcultural and collaborative learning/teaching: Methodological considerations

Theoretical introduction and chairing the panel: Paul-Henri Souvenir Assako Assako


  1. Nicola Pauli (Germany): Branching Paths of Mediation: Should mediation of art be guided rather by history of art or by art education? (Link)
  2. Gertrude Nkrumah, Selasi Awusi Sosu, Ebenezar Acquah, Osuanyi Quaicoo Essel, Patrique deGraft-Yankson and Philipp Schramm, Werner Bloß (Ghana, Germany): Transnational collaboration for a textbook (Link1) (Link2)
  3. Osuanyi Quaicoo Essel (Ghana): Teaching strategies – lessons that can be learnt from the teachers’ competition (Link)
  4. Bettina Keck (Germany), Iván Holguín Sarabia (Mexico), Alba Corina Valadez Solis (Mexico): How terms related to ‚lumbung calling‘ can be used in art education at schools, universities and art collectives? (Link)

Discussion of the posters and development of perspectives


Meeting of the Expert Panel -  See a report in the news section: Link