29 July - 5 August

in Kassel


EVC's Summer School 2022 is part of CAMP - NOTES ON EDUCATION. It is organized by the University of Augsburg, bringing art educators, artists, art historians and image theorists from three different continents together - within the framework of documenta fifteen. Fifty participants colaborate on formats, content and methods at the intersections of education, art, visual cultures and cultural policy. The respective content concerns the principles of the upcoming documenta, which will turn many traditions of the Western understanding of art and culture upside down.


In curating the world's most important exhibition of contemporary art, the artistic direction by the Indonesian collective ruangrupa consciously and programmatically draws on the cultural traditions, understandings and epistemologies of the Global South. In this way, the role of art and culture in our societies is redefined outside of rehearsed thought routines and with regard to global change. This context is of utmost interest to EVC.


EVC's Summer School is prepared by all EVC partners in regional teams to structure their contribution. The teams will meet for a workshop in Nairobi in April 2022 to exchange their experiences.


The regional teams and the Summer School are two important steps that lead to a concluding congress "Concepts of Art Education between Local and Global" (working title) at the University of Augsburg. It is scheduled for October 20 - 22. The congress will document, reflect and evaluate the experiences made in order to develop forward-looking concepts of art education in the context of globalisation.