The Department of Art Education at the Sultan Qaboos University's College of Education had organized a public workshop on the project "Exploring Visual Cultures" - in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Unfortunately, this workshop had to be cancelled due to the Corona crisis, the university had closed. Nevertheless, in a very small group and under consideration of the hygienic requirements an exchange between the professors could take place.


There was an intensive examination of the artistic projects at the university. Painting, ceramics and digital media played a special role. A painterly project, the abstraction of motifs based on the traditional curved dagger, was intensively discussed. The artistically decorated curved dagger represents the long and venerable tradition of handicraft in Oman. It is present in the national coat of arms and is also a popular motif, e.g. for souvenirs for tourists. The students selected details of curved daggers, which they increasingly abstracted in black and white or in colour.