"Exploring Visual Cultures" and "Education for Sustainable Development"


Invited by the UNESCO Chair in Arts and Culture in Education, FAU Erlangen, Germany, the Steering Committee of EVC (Paul Assako Assako, Patrique deGraft-Yankson, Esther Kibuka-Sebetosi, and Ernst Wagner) took part in the 1st International Conference of UNESCO Chairs in Wuppertal, Germany to present the joint project EVC. 75 participants from 17 nations participated in this conference in early December 2019 to discuss the role of international partnerships and innovative formats for implementing UNESCO's Education for Sustainable Development.


Already at the International Workshop in Cape Town in September all partners discussed possibilities how the project could be related to UNESCO's policies. The following overview may give a first impression about the options discussed.

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 UEW (Ghana), UNISA (South Africa), UoY (Cameroon), and FAU (Germany) presented posters to put this basic understanding into concrete terms.



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The team in Wuppertal.


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