A bunch of projects

The approach in Augsburg starts with four main questions:

  • How can an understanding of a transcultural art education be established in Germany?
  • How can the mediation of visual culture be organised by anthropological topics rather than by concepts from art history like ‘development of styles”? How can we meet ‘wrong narratives’ in German art history education?
  • Is a change of the existing latent canon of art in education possible?
  • If a transdisciplinary approach is needed to understand the complexity in a better way, how can we develop it?

To find answers to these questions collaborative projects are carried out:

  • Art practices on sustainability and consumption. Project between University of Pretoria and Augsburg University.
  • Collective memory. Project between Augsburg University and LABA Douala.
  • Art education at schools. Project between China and Germany called ‘my image - your image’, a children’s project. (Link)
  • documenta fifteen - lumbung terms visualized in photographs. Project between Mexico and Germany. (Link)