Diversity 2.0 – global art education

For the German Journal “BDK Info” 28/2019, edited by the NGO “BDK – Association for Art Education” (link: http://www.bdkbayern.de/fileadmin/bdk_files/BDK_28_lowres.pdf), Ernst Wagner gave an overview over the project and explained its theoretical and political background. In German.


Shared Content in Transnational Communities in Real and Virtual Environments: Art Education in the Context of Globalization

For the Czech publication “Connection – Contact – Community”, edited by Hana Stehlíková Babyrádová and Blahoslav Rozbořil, to be published by MU (Brno) in cooperation with Dokořán Publishing House (Prague) in 2020, Ernst Wagner wrote an overview over the project, giving an example as a case study, the joint work on a piece of art (El Anatsui, “Rising Sea”, 2019) by Patrique deGraft-Yankson from Ghana and Ernst Wagner from Germany. In English. Download of manuscript? Please click here.


The tattooed locker – a school project

By Annette Schemmel, in: Kunst 5-10. volume 57/2019, pp 18 - 23


Worldviews - World of Images

By Annette Schemmel and Tim Proetel, in: “BDK Info” 29/2020, edited by the NGO “BDK – Association for Art Education”, pp 46 - 49


Further publications are under preparation.