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Globalization & Transculturality – Approaches and Methods in Art” is an artistic research project. It takes place within the scope of art pedagogics at Munich Academy of Fine Arts. Art students all over the world will connect and explore differences in the perception and production of contemporary art.


For this purpose seven students at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts will collaborate with artists from other countries, or with other perspectives on art and art education, in order to create joint contributions for a group show. The students teamed up with artists from Ghana, Hong Kong, Iran, Japan, Spain, and South Africa. The results of their collaboration will be exhibited at three galleries: Superplus Centercourt Gallery (, Digital art Space (, and DIA Gallery (, all in Munich, in June 2021.


The participating artists aim to achieve an intense practical and theoretical exchange of experiences about divergent ways of views and perceptions of artistic work within diverse contexts and different circumstances. The collaboration will happen – due to the current situation and the long distances – mostly through digital communication. The communication between the artists and the gained and reflected experiences are documented in the sense of an academic log and will be exhibited together with the artwork. Thereby, the focus of this project will not only be on the final product, but just as much on the process of exchange and communication about similarities and differences.


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About the project, publication in the newspaper "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" (2020, July 22)